In Search of the Myreque - OSRS RuneScape Quest Guides (2024)


- 2 Quest Points.
- 600 Attack XP, 600 Defence XP, 600 Strength XP, 600 Hitpoints XP, 600 Crafting XP.
- Ability to use the shortcut to Mort'ton from Canifis.

In Search of the Myreque - OSRS RuneScape Quest Guides (1)Start Point

Hair of the Dog Tavern in Canifis. Speak to Vanstrom Klause.

Members Only

In Search of the Myreque - OSRS RuneScape Quest Guides (2)
In Search of the Myreque - OSRS RuneScape Quest Guides (3)


Skill: 25 Agility.
Quest: Nature Spirit.
Item: Silver Sickle(b), 10 Druid Pouches (Nature Grotto), 225 Steel Nails, 2 Steel Swords (2 Steel Bars), Steel Longsword (2 Steel Bars), Steel Dagger (1 Steel Bar), Steel Warhammer (3 Steel Bars), Steel Mace (1 Steel Bar), Hammer, 6 Planks (from Razmire Builders Merchant for 6GP each), ~500GP.
Other: Ability to defeat a Skeleton Hellhound (Level-97).


Skill: 50+ Combat, 43+ Prayer.
Item: Prayer Potion(s), 10+ Food (Lobsters or better), Armour & Weapon, Ectophial, Serum 207 (if you want to buy the planks from the Building Store in Mort'ton), Energy Enhancing Items (Energy or Super Energy Potions, Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape, etc).

Canifis is experiencing an upsurge in new faces and a new stranger has appeared with a job to track down some local heroes known only as "The Myreque". The Myreque are fighting a desperate battle against the darkness of Morytania and he wishes to take them weapons to aid in the battle. Can you help him out?

Part 1:
The Myreque?

Step 1
Speak to Vanstrom Klause.
Get the six weapons.
Go to the nature grotto.

Items needed: 1 Steel Longsword, 2 Steel Swords, 1 Steel Dagger, 1 Steel War Hammer, 1 Steel Mace, 225 Steel Nails, 500GP+, Silver Sickle(b), Hammer.

To begin the quest speak to Vanstrom Klause in the pub in Canifis. He will tell you of a group called the Myreque, which vanished whilst in Mort'ton, and that they need weapons. It is your task to take six weapons to them; a Steel Long Sword, 2 Steel Swords, 1 Steel Dagger, 1 Steel Warhammer, and a Steel Mace.

If you don't already have these weapons, go and make them and make your way back to Canifis. 24 iron, and 48 coal are needed to make the necessary amount of bars.

Before beginning the quest, gather up your coal, iron and smelt them to make 24 steel bars. Go to Varrock and smith them into the required weapons & nails.

When you have all the weapons, nails, money, silver sickle (b), and hammer, head off to the Nature Grotto, which is near the entrance to Mort'ton (Picture). Inside the grotto, you can recharge your prayer, and pick up a druids pouch.

Once you have your Druids pouch, go outside, and head west a little, until you reach a tree, with two logs just north of it. This is the best place to collect Mort myre fungi to fill your pouch. Cast the bloom spell, and pick the fungi. Continue filling your pouch until it's at about 10-20.

Step 2
Go south to Mort'ton.
Speak to Cyreg Paddlehorn.

Now head south, and keep following the winding path until you reach Mort'ton. Go to the general store, and speak to the man there. Ask him to open his building store. Buy 6 planks and leave the store.

Head east past the temple to the river, where you will meet Cyreg Paddlehorn. You will have to convince Cyreg to tell you where the Myreque are located, you can do this by saying the following things in turn: "Well, I guess they'll just die without weapons.", "Resourceful enough to get their own steel weapons?" and "If you don't tell me, their deaths are on your head!". Continue speaking to Cyreg until he tells you of the castle of Drakan, and you have used all the options.

You must have partially completed Shades of Mort'ton up to the point where you've cured the General Store owner to be able to purchase planks from the General Store in Mort'ton. Otherwise, you must get planks a different way.

Part 2:
A Boat ride to a Broken Bridge

Step 3
Board Swamp Boat.
Repair the Bridge.

Now board the swamp boat. Cyreg will speak to you again, and ask for 3 planks. The planks can be bought from the general store in Mort'ton. Cyreg will then ask if you have some Druid Pouches on you, and you will show them to him. He will then ask for 10gp, and say that he recommends you take 3 planks to repair a bridge later on. If you have them, he will let you board the boat.

Once you landed at the swamp, head north, until you reach a bridge. Climb up the tree, to get onto the bridge. Click "Walk over bridge", then "repair bridge", and you will walk over it if you have the hammer, planks and nails to repair it (Picture). Continue doing this until you reach the other side, and climb down the tree.

Step 4
Talk to Curpile Fyod.
Answer Quiz Questions.

Go north a bit, and you will reach a tall tree, with Curpile Fyod, standing out the front (Picture). He will now ask you three different questions, which you have to answer, to be able to get into the dungeon. If you answer incorrectly, you will be knocked out, and will have to start at the boat in Mort'ton again. Here are the questions and answers:

Who is from Asgarnia, and is a mercenary with a personal score to settle?: Radigad Ponfit.
The leader of the group: Veliaf Hurtz.
The youngest member: Ivan Strom.
The only girl in the group: Sani Piliu.
This person is a hothead: Harold Evans
The name of the boatman: Cyreg Paddlehorn.
Myreque means: Hidden in the Myre.
Who are the Drakan: The family who controls Mort Myre, Canifis, Mort'ton etc.
This person is a Scholar: Polmafi Ferdygris

Once you have completed your three questions, head north, until you reach a wooden door (Picture). Open it, and go in. You will now be in a cave. Halfway through the cave on the eastern side, is a small area with some stalagmites, which you have to squeeze-past (Picture). Once you've done so, you will have found the Myreque group. Do not go through any of the other cave entrances, as there may be Poison Spiders (Level-64) there.

Part 3:
The Myreque. At Last!

Step 5
Talk to Veliaf Hurtz.
Talk to every Myreque member.
Kill Skeleton Hellhound.
Speak to Vanstrom Klause.

Items needed: Food, Armor, Weapon.

First speak to Veliaf Hurtz, using all the options, and then introduce yourself to every member in the cave. Once you have introduced yourself to each member, speak to Hurtz again, and a Vampire will appear in a cinematic view (Picture), and will kill a few of the Myreque, then advance on you.

The cinematic view will end, and a

Skeleton Hellhound (Level-97), will be attacking you. (Picture) Once you kill it, it will drop 4 big bones, and 2 uncut rubies. Once it's dead, speak to Veliaf, and ask him how to get out of the cave. He'll tell you the exit is at the northern end of the cave. Use the cave exit, and go north to the wall. Search the door, and climb up the ladder (Picture). You are now just behind the pub in Canifis.

This monster is not very hard, however if you are having troubles you should use the 'Protect' from melee prayer. Head back into the Pub, and speak to Klause, who will act as a stranger now.

In Search of the Myreque - OSRS RuneScape Quest Guides (7)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't get on the boat. What do I do?

A: If you cannot get on the boat, you must have missed the options that only appear once you have asked him the first two in succession, and then clicked on the second one which appears in the second questions spot.

Q: I dropped my silver sickle (b), how can I get one back?

A: To get another silver sickle (b), you must buy a sickle mould from the Al-Kharid crafting store, and use a silver bar on a furnace, to make the silver sickle. Now you must take the silver sickle to the Nature grotto in Morytania, and use it with the Nature altar there to bless it.

In Search of the Myreque - OSRS RuneScape Quest Guides (2024)


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